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Drone Services Australia is a CASA certified, fully insured and professional operator of fixed wing and multicopter drones (also known as RPA’s or UAV’s).

We deliver precision Aerial Photography, Aerial Asset Inspection, Commercial Roof and Gutter Inspections, Agriculture Surveys, NDVI Crop Inspections, Infrastructure Surveys, Commercial and Industrial Aerial Photography and Aerial Mapping services across Australia.

Drone Services Australia offers a game-changer for inspecting your Wind Turbine or Blades.

Our inspections are four times faster than traditional techniques, provide dramatic cost savings and improve safety by reducing unnecessary working at heights risks.

We can accurately measure defects with an accuracy of +/-5mm and identify their location on the blade to within cm’s. 4k high-resolution of each cm of your wind turbine blades to assist you in maintaining your expensive equipment.

We can provide remote inspections of your critical infrastructure including fences, roads, dams, sheds and crops, ensuring you are able to spend more time on activities that make you money.

We can also provide photographic evidence for crop insurance, yield estimates for forward crop sales and damage assessment evidence for crop insurance claims.

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